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About YesMakeup

Yes Academy, through our FUSION Makeup School is proud to offer a unique Makeup course that combines the art of Natural Beauty with Graphic Art. With our commitment to high standards, our courses are always diligently designed and thoroughly delivered to ensure our students get the best Makeup Education.

At Yes Academy, we offer unique developed training in Makeup artistry and technology with affordable prices. Our Makeup courses are designed to equip the students with all the essential skills necessary as well as to unleash their unique talents to gain employment within the Cosmetic & Media Industry.

We believe a creative makeup artist requires not only artistic and creative ability but also the ability to be an expert technician, a consultant, a salesperson and a communicator.
So, the main focus in our course is to equip our students with strong all-round competences which include SKILL, CONCEPT THINKING, SELF PROMOTION & DIGITAL IMAGING.

As a leading make up school in Kuala Lumpur, our courses combine excellence in theory, training and practical applications. Whether you are looking for bridal or professional make up courses, we can help you to unleash your potential and secure a bright future for a successful and rewarding career in the dynamic and growing makeup industry. Our makeup courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our graduates to excel in their chosen field.


成立迄今已有15年的Yes Academy,坚持在费用实惠的前提下,提供学子各类优质高等教育。学院提供平面设计及商业管理大专文凭。
Yes Academy旗下的YES Professional职业技术学院于2008年成立综合彩妆部,结合了自然美妆艺术及时尚艺术,致力于以实惠的


生活层面的帮助与服务。在舒适环境及优质教学的熏陶下,Yes Academy的学员过去数年在校外比赛的表现皆十分优异。



Message From HOD

Hi everybody,

Would you like to be amongst the 6% of the population who truly enjoy their work? Is your current job exciting, fun, creative, rewarding, and lucrative? These are the most common terms used by makeup artists to describe their careers.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.For me, I do not teach from a book-I teach from my real experience working  on design & makeup industry.

 Whether your goal is to become a National Artist for a major cosmetic company, work with photographers, models, designers and magazines, work with celebrities and actors for stage, film, and television, work with musicians on music videos, work on clients referred by doctors and plastic surgeons or to start your own bridal makeup business, there will always be people who need makeup services.

We  are who share their “real life” experiences in order to help students learn from their mistakes. Industry terminology, portfolio building, how to make contacts and other self-marketing strategies are a part of every course to ensure success. Whether you’re a veteran artist seeking to expand your career in a new direction or starting at the most basic level, our courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our graduates to perform in their chosen field.

YesMakeup accepts enrollment only from those serious about makeup. Students are held accountable for every lecture, demonstration and makeup application through written tests and daily hands-on grades. This allows students to see immediate improvement in their knowledge and application skills, generating confidence and enthusiasm for those who love makeup. There are other makeup schools, but no other offers the level of training, ethics, real-world experience and professionalism like YesMakeup.

Timy Tan
Head Of Department